Phrasal Verbs: Lesson 20


Sean: I'm leaving for Budapest tomorrow morning. Will you come see me off?
Maria: Of course! What time?

* * * 

Mia: I'm so tired! I wish I could get away to the Bahamas just for one week.
Sophie: Me too! It's probably a paradise. But we have to put off our holiday until next summer!

* * *

Chloe: Guess what I found when I went over to grandma's house yesterday.
Liam: I don't know. What?
Chloe: I came across our mom's wedding pictures! I've never seen them before.

see off : go to a place that someone is leaving from to say goodbye
get away : go (leave) to somewhere (usually for holiday)
put off : postpone, change the time for later
go over to : visit someone nearby
come across : to find something unexpectedly

[Example Passage]
Recently Ai came across a travel agency in her neighborhood. She read their brochure and really liked their packaged tour to Sweden. Ai wanted to get away for some time, but her last vacation has been put off because of a relative's visit. Now Ai decided to go to Sweden by herself. Ai has a cat, so before leaving she went over to her friend to bring the cat. Ai is very excited to see Stockholm and try Swedesh cuisine. Although nobody is seeing her off at the airport, she doen't feel sad at all.

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Phrasal Verb: Lesson 19


Simon: I'm so bored.
Lucy: You should get out of town and go exploring.

* * *

Sean: When I look back on my teenage years, I feel so embarrassed!
Ron: Me too.

* * *

Carmen: The figures just don't add up! Can I drop in your house today?
Adrian: Yeah sure, I'll help you sort your papers.

* * *

Tim: Will this be on the exam, Sir?
Lecturer: It may. I advise you to put down the main ideas in your notebooks.

get out of : go outside, avoid something 
look back : think about the past, turn around to see
add up : calculate, make sense
drop in : visit informally
put down : stop hodling something, take a note

[Example Passage]
Last summer Francis got out of his house during the weekend for a hiking trip. He put down everything he needed on a piece of paper and headed to a shop. He bought bottled water, food and a few other things. Then he remembered he had forgotten his map. He went back home to bring it. When he was finally on his route in the forest; it started raining. Francis was furious, because it didn't add up: the weather forecast said that it would be sunny whole day. Francis headed back. Since it was raining heavily, he droppped in his friend's house. They drank some coffee and had a nice conversation. Looking back to that day, Francis laughs and says that it all turned out for the better.
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Phrasal verbs: Lesson: 18


Villain: Ha ha! You will NEVER cath me!
Superhero: I won't let you get away with your crimes!

* * *

Mia: What is going on with Greg recently? He has turned into a completely different person!
Sarah: Yeah! He looks down on people. As if he's the greatest man in the world!

* * *

Mrs.Tao: I will not put up with this any longer! You are grounded young man!
Jun: But I haven't done anything! Argh!
Mrs.Tao: I won't call this off until you apologize!

get away with: manage to do something
turn into: transform
look down on: have a low opinion of someone/something
put up with: to accept something (usually unpleasant) patiently
call off: to decide something will not happen, cancel

[Example Passage]
Joe was a very good friend of Dominic's. However, he had a few bad points that Dominic didn't like about him. In fact he couldn't put up with some of the things Joe did. Joe had a habit of looking down on other people. Dominic told Joe to respect everyone, but Joe wouldn't listen. Joe was an arrogant man. "You won't get away with this behavior! One day you'll get into trouble!" Dominic warned his friend. Joe wouldn't listen. Gradually he turned into a very unpleasant person. The last bit was when Joe called off a few meetings with Dominic at the last minute, which made Dominic angry. Dominic was so tired of Joe he once told him "I don't want to be your friend anymore!"
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Phrasal Verbs Lesson 17


Aya: Hi! Long time no see!
Marcus: Oh, hi Aya! I never expected to run into you here! Is that your son?
Aya: Yes! His name is Rani. He turned 4 just last month.
Marcus: He is a big boy now. He certainly takes after you!


Liam: Here! I've picked out a few color schemes for the new website design.
Ethan: Thanks. Hmm. I'll have to go through it with my customers later.


Oliver: I honestly thought that someone was trying to break into my car!
Charlie: Did you call the police?
Oliver: No! In fact, I came closer and didn't see anyone. I guess it was my imagination.

run into : to meet someone by change
take after : follow an example, look like someone
pick out : chooose
go through : experience something, discuss something, deal with something
break into : burgle, soften with use (about shoes)

[Example Passage]
Two weeks ago Hanna ran into her old friend Aoi. Aoi was grocery shopping. The two women started a conversation, and Aoi told Hanna about her latest news. She and her family have been going through a lot lately. First of all, someone broke into their house recently and stole some valuable things. To Aoi's disappointment they found their jewelry box and picked out her most farotite pieces to steal. Hanna was shocked to hear that. "I wish I would take after my mother" said Aoi. "She was suh a careful woman. She always kept her belongings safe!". "Don't worry, this has nothing to do with your character, it's just bad luck!" Hanna answered.
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Phrasal Verbs : Lesson 16


Mr.Miyamoto: Did you get through to the manager?
Assistant: Yes, however I was cut off. I will call him again shortly.


Luke: And then the main characters...
Sarah: Hang on! I hear someone.
Luke: Are you trying scare me?


Adrian: How are you feeling?
Liz: Bad. I can't get over this illness. I still have a fever.(Coughs.)
Adrian: Speak up, I can't hear you! What's wrong again?


Jake: Mark, have you seen Breda recently?
Mark: Gosh, dude! You broke up 6 months ago. Get over it!

get through : deal with something, be connected on the phone, finish a task
cut off : interrupt a telephone conversation
hang on(hold on) : to wait for a short time
speak up : speak louder
get over : recover, overcome a problem

[Example Passage]
Marie had a bad cold, which she couldn't get over for a whole week. She was bored and felt like talking to someone, so she called her friend Dan. When Marie finally got through, Dan couldn't hear her. He was only saying: "Hello?" Marie tried again: now Dan could hear her, but very quietly. "Speak up, Marie! I can't hear anything you're saying!" Dan said angrily. Marie asked Dan to hold on for a second. In the end she was cut off completely. Marie will certainly write an angry letter to her phone company.
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