Business Meeting 12: Holding a Discussion

Mr.Klein, who is the Vice President of a company, is holding a discussion with all the Department Heads about expanding their business.


Mr.Klein: Hi everyone. As you well know we have wanted to expand our business for quite a while. So we have gathered here today to discuss the details of this expansion.

Department Head #1: Are we going to just expand the current location or open a new one?

Mr.Klein: Personally, I'm of the opinion that we should open a new location. This is a big city and I think we could benefit from being in more than one place. But I'm open to any suggestions.

Department Head #1: I would like to state that our current location could certainly use some renovating. Also some upgrades, make the place look a bit more up to date. I think this should be our priority.

Department Head #2: Although I concur with the fact that our current location could use some changes, I have to disagree that this is our priority. If we were to renovate and expand our current location it would mean being closed for a long period of time during which we would not be able to do anything.

Mr.Klein: Agreed, you make a valid point.

Department Head #1: I beg to differ. If we don't take care of our current location people might stop coming. They might think we are neglecting them and ourselves. We have accustomed them to certain degree of professionalism and care.


Department Head #2: I suppose you are right in some way. I propose the following; we start working on the new location and make it just as we would like this new one to look if renovated. Then after its opening we can see what the feedback is.

Mr.Klein: Then if it's positive we can start gathering money to renovate the old place just like it. And we would still have an open place while the other is being renovated.

Department Head #1: I can get on board with that.

Mr.Klein: Well I am glad we are all in agreement. I'll start taking care of the formalities at once. Meeting dismissed.


■I'm of the opinion that: 〜という意見である
■I'm open to any suggestions: 私はどんな提案にもオープンである(受け入れる)
■I would like to state that: 私は〜ということを述べたい
■up to date: 最新式の、現代的な
■concur with: 〜と同意見である。〜に同意する
■I have to disagree that: 〜だということに反対しなければならない
■Agreed. You make a valid point: 賛成です。あなたはいい点を指摘しました。
■I beg to differ: お言葉ですが、私の意見は異なります
■I propose the following: 私は以下のことを提案します
■I can get on board with that: 私はそれに賛成です
■I am glad we are all in agreement: 私たち全員が合意できてうれしいです
■Meeting dismissed: 打ち合わせはこれで終了です




Thank you for your kind support as always!! (^^

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Business Meeting 11: Power Breakfast and Power Lunch

Bart and Roger are having a power breakfast at a hotel to talk some business matters.


Bart: Good morning, Roger. Glad you could make it so early.

Roger: Good morning, Bart. Barely did. This jet lag is killing me.

Bart: Don't worry, we'll only be down here for an hour or two and then you can go back to your cushy hotel room.

Waiter: What will it be, gentleman?

Roger: I'll have some eggs Benedict, please and a glass of orange juice.

Bart: I'll just have a croissant and a latte, please.

Roger: So Bart, what did you want to discuss?

Bart: I have a very interesting investment opportunity I would like to propose to you.

Roger: Do go on.

Bart: There's this new compound one of my other clients discovered. They're telling me it's going to be revolutionary.

Roger: What is so special about it?

Bart: You know the usual. Stronger, lighter, more flexible.

Roger: Did they give you some actual documentation or just their word?

Bart: For now, they just gave me their word. But I asked for the documentation and they said they'll send it, no later than, Wednesday.

Bart: Okay. Well, let me see those papers when they come in and I'll tell you if I'm interested or not. In the meantime don't mind me if I dig in these exquisitely looking eggs Benedict.


Bart: Enjoy your meal!

Roger: You as well.

■power breakfast/ lunch: 朝食や昼食を取りながら、仕事の打ち合わせをすること。
■make it: うまくいく、無事にやり遂げる、時間に間に合う(←今回はこの意味)
■Barely did: なんとか。ギリギリ。
■jet lag: 飛行機酔い
■A is killing me: Aが痛くて仕方ない。我慢できない。
■cushy: (仕事が)楽な、(クッションが)やわらかい、(環境が)快適な(←今回はこの意味)
■What will it be?: 何にいたしましょうか?(レストランなどで店員が注文を取る際に言う)
eggs Benedict: NY生まれの軽食。イングリッシュマフィンの上に肉や野菜などの具材、その上にポーチドエッグが乗せ、オランデーズソース(卵の黄身とバター、レモン果汁を使用したソース)をかけた朝食。(詳しくはリンクのビデオをどうぞ。)
■croissant: クロワッサン
■go on: 続けて!
■compound: 化合物(←今回はこの意味)、屋敷、捕虜収容所。
■revolutionary: 革新的な、画期的な
■documentation: 証拠書類、参考文献
■no later than 時間 or日付: 遅くても〜までに。
■in the meantime: そのうちに、その一方で
■dig in: (仕事・勉強などに)専念する、ガツガツ食べ始める(←今回はこの意味)
■exquisitely: 見事な、優美な
■Enjoy your meal!: 食事を楽しんでね!(食べていない人から、食べる人に向かって言う)





Thank you for your kind support as always!! (^^
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Business Meeting 10: Organizing a Party for Clients

Mr.Fitzpatrick wants to hold a party to honor one of his oldest clients.
He discusses the details of organizing the party with his personal assistant.


Mr.Fitzpatrick: Donna, could you come to my office please?

Donna: Right away, sir! What can I do for you, sir?

Mr.Fitzpatrick: As you know, next month it will be 10 years since we had our first client. And he has been with us for all that time. So I want to do something special for him, hold a party in his honor.

Donna: Splendid idea, sir. Do you have anything in particular in mind?

Mr.Fitzpatrick: Yes there are a few details I'd like you to consider.

Donna: Just let me know everything you want and I will jot it down right away.

Mr.Fitzpatrick: Pick up some time-honored hotels. I will choose one for the party. He enjoys Japanese cuisine very much. Find me the best Japanese catering company you can find or at least a chef. He doesn't like a very bright light, so make sure that at the party the lights will be turned down a little bit. And he also likes fun and games, so call some entertainers around with some drinks. And that's it for now. I might think of more as time goes.

Donna: Very well, sir. I will get to this right away.

Mr.Fitzpatrick: When you finish come and show me all you've got and we can iron out the kinks.
catering Company: a company that provides Food Services
anything in particular: anything special
in someone's honor, in honor of someone: or someone, in respect for someone
jot down: to write briefly or hurriedly
iron out of problem: to solve a problem
iron out the kinks: to solve all problems
time-honored: respected because it has been used or done for a long time
cuisine: a characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions, often associated with specific culture
fun and games: activities that are not serious often with a lot of drinks

Thank you for your kind support as always!! (^^
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先生の質問に「Yes.」「NO.」「I think so too.」などと答えるだけで、会話が終了していました。
















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Business Meeting 09: Delivering a Presentation

Harry is delivering a presentation about the new supplement his company is about to sale.


Harry: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Today I'm going to present to you the projected outcome of this new supplement.

Boss: Let's hear it. Go ahead, Harry.

Harry: Thank you. As you all may know we have been working on this product for over 5 months. We have a lot invested in it. So it is natural to have high expectations of it.

Boss: Indeed we do.

Harry: Our Market Research shows us that it should have a good opening on the market. As you can see projected sales are quite high. It might move a bit slower initially but it should pick up quit quickly.
Furthermore once the product is safely established in the market, we can start adding other extra components to it to further prolong its shelf life. As you can see from the graph, we mean to introduce several additional extras for the product. I would also like to point out that our test subjects have had a lot of good feedback to us.

Boss: When will we be able to launch the product?

Harry: We should launch the product with the effective sales promotion. Now Marketing Department is working on it and they will show me the whole picture of the promotion shortly. It should be completely done in two weeks and after which we will be ready to ship it out. Are there any questions?

Boss: Thank you for your presentation, Harry. Let's take a 10-minute break. I'll see everyone back here at 5:00 P.M.
invest in something: to commit (money, capital, effort, time) into something hoping for a return from it, hoping to gain something
have high expectations of something: to expect a certain level of performance
have high expectations for something: to have hopes for something in the future
projected sales: estimated sales
pick up: to go faster (in this case)
prolong: to lengthen in duration
shelf life: the length of time that an item may be stored before becoming unfit for use or consumption (usually used for fresh and uncooked food, like vegetables)
point out: to draw attention to
supplement: a tablet in which vitamins and other nutrition are artificially added to keep your nutrient balance
ship something out: to deliver something somewhere, to send it somewhere
mean to: to intend to
work on: to try hard to improve or archive something
the whole picture: overview, the whole description
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