Article Discussion 21: Singing



Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice. Speech normal and increased by the use of both tone and rhythm.  One who sings is called a singer or a vocalist. Singers play music that can be sung either with or without  the accompaniment musical instruments. Singing can be done alone which is called solo singing, duet when two people are singing, trio when three, quartet when four people are singing, it can also be done in a group of other musicians, such as in a choir of singers with different voice ranges, or in a group of instrumentalists like a band or something

Perhaps, all of us love to sing as much as we love to listen to music. Even if we don't know how to sing or even if we don't have the skills of that of a professional singer, we still unconsciously sing on our own most especially when we hear a song that sticks into our memory. Singing is also a good practice to exercise our vocal ranges. It is said that singing is not an inborn talent, but it can be taught and learned. Singing is related to hearing. The clearer you can hear and get familiar with sound, the more you can produce a better sound from your vocal cord. Most musicians says if you have a good ear for music, you can also have a good voice for singing because hitting the right tones comes from how attentively you listen to the tones.


vocalist : ボーカル担当者

accompaniment : 一緒に伴うこと、伴奏

choir : 聖歌隊、合唱団

instrumentalists : 楽器演奏者

inborn : 先天的な、生まれつきの

vocal cord : 声帯

attentively : 注意深く、よく注意して












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Article Discussion 20: Dancing



Dancing is type of art that generally involves movements of the body often with rhythmic and in a harmony with music. It takes place in many cultures as a form of emotional expression, social interaction, or exercise in a spiritural or performance setting, and is sometimes used to express ideas or tell a story.

In today's modern society dancing has become one of the primary forms of performing arts. During concerts, dance performances will always exist as it revives energy and liveliness to the eyes of the viewers. Most people even those who don't engage themselves into such art can also appreciate dancing as it is very entertaining. Dancing techniques have vastly changed as the years go by.

Sadly we can seldom see cultural dance performance on the television or in public. The society has been populated by young people and has been influenced by the modern culture. Despite the fact that dancing have consistently involved in its methods and genres. It's still very important to persevere and appreciate your own cultural dances as they symbolize your country.


rhythmic : リズミカルな

revive : 生き返らせる

appreciate : 正しく理解する

vastly : 広大に、非常に

Despite : 〜にもかかわらず

consistently : 絶えず、一貫して

genre : ジャンル

persevere : 辛抱する、耐え抜く

symbolize : 〜を象徴する


ダンスと聞いて、なぜかテイラースイフトの"Shake It Off"が脳裏に。(笑)



悩み、ストレス、将来への不安などいろいろあると思いますが、そんなときは踊ってShake It Offしちゃいましょう。




ラベル:expression culture dance
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Article Discussion 19: Summer


This is everyone's favorite season. Tropical countries experience this season at its most.

Summer is the  warmest season of four seasons falling between spring and autumn.

During the summer the sky is mostly clear and the sun is high and the days are longer as well as nights are shorter. Most countries that experience four seasons, favors summer the most because it is the period when they have more time to go out. Most people are stimulated to do physical activities more during summer season.

People take advantage of warmer temperatures by spending more time outdoors during the summer. Activities such as going to the beach and the picnics occurr during summer months. One of the most likeable periods of summer is summer break. Schools and universities typically have a summer break for students to rest and take advantage of the good weather and longer days. Summer is indeed the season when people are at the peak of their happiness and high spirited vibes, ready to explore the world.


at its most : 最も

falling between : 〜の間に位置する

take advantage of : 〜を上手に利用する

high spirited : 活気のある、威勢の良い

vibes : 振動、感情


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Article Discussion 18: Friends



Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. We can easily create this kind of relationship with people whom we encounter or get to know. When we start a conversation with a stranger. We start a new relationship with that person that's where friendship starts. As a social being it is a human tendency to get attached and befriend others. 

Friends are the second most important people in our life next to our families. We consider  them our extended family.When our family are not around we are surrounded by people who care for us and whom  we can share our thoughts and feelings with.

But it is also very important to meticulously choose the group of friends that you would always stick to and hang out with.Wrong choice of friends may also lead us bad influence and peer pressure.

It is a necessity to choose friends who can nurture and cultivate you to do well and to become a better person. Friends who can be good influence and those who will love you unconditionally are true friends.


mutual : 相互の

interpersonal : 対人関係の

being : 存在

befriend : 〜の友達になる

meticulously : 注意深く

peer : 同僚

unconditionally : 無条件に


ラベル:friend sriendship
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Article Discussion 17: Photographs



 Photograph is a photo or an image created using a camera by the use of lens to focus the scene’s visible wavelengths of light into a reproduction of what the human eye would see. It is popularly known as pictures.

Pictures play a very significant role in recording history of events and situations. This is the reason why people have a clear understanding and ideas of one’s history through the images stored and kept.When it comes to crime scenes and investigations, photographs are necessity for detectives to be able to keep a record of the incident. These images will be the primary materials for them to examine the possible causes and suspects of a crime.

 A photograph gives a very interesting representation of people, places, events or things around us. Any images can be an eye candy to anyone who would see it. It can catch one’s attention in the realm of social media, businesses and advertising.

In our own personal lives, photographs are also very significant. Not only does it keep memories of our childhood, but also special events, gatherings and people who were close to us were also recorded by photographs and will cling in our mind forever.


wavelength : 波長

investigation : 調査

detective : 探偵、刑事

suspect : 容疑者

representation : 表現、描写、代理

eye candy : 見た目が素敵なもの

realm : 領域、分野、王国












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