Article Discussion 40: Origami


It is believed that the art of folding paper that had been developed in Japan. The word "origami" comes from two Japanese words, the verb "oru" meaning to bend and the noun "kami" meaning paper. Origami is the art of paper folding which excludes cutting, gluing or stapling. Accuracy and precision is a key to remember in creating origami. If you are making a square it must be a perfect square. The paper should have the ability to maintain a fold and is easier to work with thinner paper. The materials are mostly pastel-colored papers, or white watercolor paper, stained thin paper with a different color, both front and back. Origami has auspiciously become useful not as the part of student's learning lessons in art but is also resulted to things which have significant use. Envelope which is used as a holder and sealer of letters is a product of origami. Ornaments and decorations made out of origami may also serve as an economical replacement for other pieces of decoration such as flowers, plants, and others which has higher cost and expenditure which may not be available.


verb : 動詞

noun : 名詞

exclude : ~を除外する

glue : ノリで結合する

staple : ホッチキスで留める

accuracy : 正確さ

precision : 精密さ

auspiciously : 幸先よく、めでたく

expenditure : 支出、消費


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Article Discussion 39: Paper



 One of the greatest inventions of man is the paper. How many times a day do you use paper? You use it as writing paper, wallpaper, tissue, notebook, wrapper, book, magazine, envelope, newspaper, check, photo album, computer printout, money - the list is endless. Can we envisage what life would have been like if the paper had not been invented? There would have been no newspapers, no books or magazines, no paper towels, no packing material and the cartons and many industrial activities have been very different today. A lot of the daily routine of the world confide on paper bills from giant posters to billboards. Even in this digital age of smart phones,  iPads and ebook readers, although some people have managed to replace the need for paper, to some extent, it is doubtful that it can completely abolish the use of paper altogether. Therefore, it may be agreed that paper’s roll belongs to the category with the fire, the wheel and other important discoveries.

 How many times a day do you throw paper away? That is almost endless. The truth is, we don’t think of paper. We only see it as a material to be used and discarded. Paper is the most versatile of all materials. It is inexpensive, easy to handle and always available. You can make different and interesting things with paper. Therefore we need to place importance on every little thing around us just like paper. 


wrapper : 包装紙

envisage : 心に描く、想像する

envisage : 段ボール箱

confide : 頼りにする、信用する、秘密を打ち明ける

billboard : (屋外にある)大きな広告看板

abolish : 廃止する

discard : 捨てる、処分する

versatile : 多才な、多目的に使用できる


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Article Discussion 38: Draw and Paint

[Draw and Paint]


Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of these activities, focusing primarily on the visual arts, including the creation of images or objects in fields such as painting or drawing. Learning to draw and paint is a rewarding skill. When mastered, it can be a source of pleasure and satisfaction. God gave us an artistic skill to make something beautiful. All you have to do is use it, improve it and develop it. Painting psychologically is a process of finding ways to express our feelings, but it is another language, the language of art. We are all creative but sometimes we are not aware of it. We are not using these skills because materials are expensive or unavailable. Do not you know that everything has its own use? Even the smallest thing has its own goodness to show.

 We can surely express our feelings by making drawings and paintings by releasing our inner thoughts and just conveying it through the resulting art. People can easily get captivated by abstract and enticing paintings that can contest emotional discomfort and misery. 


diverse : 多様な

primarily : 主に、第一に、当初は

psychologically : 心理学的に

goodness : 良いこと、高潔、美点

captivate : 魅了する、心を奪う

enticing : (相手の)気を引く、注目を引く

contest : 争う、戦う


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Article Discussion 36: Television



Television, or TV for short, is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images with or without accompanying sound. television has become a primary medium for entertainment and sources of current events. Educational programs from the television are good resources for cultivating and propagating young children's knowledge while they stay at home before they can go to school.

 Television serves as an effective unit, but can also be a vehicle of a different perspective on life, family, and morality.  What has changed substantially in recent years is how people, especially children, interpret what they see on television. This is where the problem begins when shows on television start polluting the minds of young people and may affect their morale values and characters.  Sad to say, most parents can not control television programs their children are watching very similar to the idea that these same children are seeing what suits someone’s needs. The power of the media has gone too far. If this practice continues, completely contaminating the minds of these children will be as normal as giving their daily needs. 


accompany : 一緒に行く、〜を伴う

cultivate : (土地を)耕す、(農作物、能力を)育成する

propagate : 繁殖させる、伝える

vehicle : 乗り物、通信手段、媒体

interpret : 通訳する、解釈する

pollute : 汚染する

contaminate : 汚染する


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Article Discussion 37: Cost of Education

[Cost of Education]


 The cost of education has become unaffordable for most of us. Each year more and more students transferring from private schools to public for the sole reason that rates are increasing exorbitant rate. This trend causes overcrowding in public schools. The government has failed to solve the problem regarding the salaries of public school teachers as it persists with new setbacks. Consequently, private schools increase their fees to suffice maintenance needs, as there become less customers year after year.

However. despite the prominent increase of education rates, people are hoping for the increase of educational return to students. Education today has not improved and enhanced that much as how the rates increase. High expectations or more efficient learning procedures and teaching techniques are not easy to obtain since new learning modules exist year after year because of the advancement of technology and the quick rise of modernization to our society.


unaffordable : (費用などが)負担しきれない

rates : 割合、変化量、料金

exorbitant : (数量・価格などが)法外な、とてつもない

setbacks : 妨げ、失敗、後退

suffice : 十分である、足りる、満たす

prominent : 突出した、目立つ、卓越した

advancement : 前進、進歩、発展


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